Case Studies

Brand Care Group (BCG) helps people share their most meaningful experiences to inspire and provide hope to others during times of uncertainty. Stories evoke emotional appeal, allow for greater persuasion, and create patient-centric content, helping you attract qualified potential patients and providing more opportunities for conversion. BCG is passionate about enabling brands to share their stories.

After a scary cancer diagnosis, Frank Martinis, a retired police officer, was treated at New York Cancer and Blood Specialists (NYCBS). With the right care and treatment and unmatched support from his care team, Frank was able to take his life back.

“Dr. Torres was so kind,” Frank said. “He spoke to me very calmly, listened to everything I was scared of, and had a wonderful bedside manner. I felt safe with him.” He continued, “Everybody in the office cared, and I'll tell you, you can go to the best doctor in the world, but you might not survive it mentally if he's like a machine. You need ‘TLC,’ and that's what I found at NYCBS.”